Internment Notice Issued to John Meagher


In the aftermath of the Easter Rising, the British government in Ireland sought to round up any persons associated with republican military and political groups deemed responsible for the rebellion. They issued interment notices to all those who were being arrested and deported.  The example seen here was issued to John Meagher, who resided at 1 Montague Street in Dublin. The notice states that an order has been issued by the Secretary of State under regulation 14 B of the Defense of the Realm Regulations directing that Meagher will be interned at the Place of Internment at Frongoch. Meager is ordered to be arrested and interned because he is “of hostile associations and a member of an organization called the Irish Volunteers or of an organization called the Citizen Army, which have promoted armed insurrection against His Majesty, and is reasonable suspected of having favoured, promoted, or assisted in armed insurrection against His Majesty.”

Further investigation into John Meagher reveals that he was a member of the Irish Citizen Army and had fought with the St. Stephens Green garrison when the Rising began. He fell back to the College of Surgeons with the garrison and defended the building from the roof. At the end of the week, Meagher surrendered with the rest of the garrison and was taken to Richmond Barracks. As the notice states Meagher would have been allowed to present evidence of his innocence before a judge; however, as he had surrendered with the garrison stationed at St. Stephens Green, he likely chose not to offer up a defense. Meagher was deported first to Stafford Jail and then to Frongoch as stated on this internment notice. He was finally released from Frongoch on 24 December, 1916. In the aftermath of the Rising, Meagher did not rejoin the Irish Citizen Army, and instead settled into a civilian life. He did however, continue to supply information that he thought would be of use to the movement to Batt. O’Connor, who was a close associate of Michael Collins.


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